Creative job descriptions can get you better candidates

Ask any business and they will tell you they want to hire the best employees. The problem

Best tech recruiting tip: Create a clear job d...

Best tech recruiting tip: Create a clear job description. @mkkhattak #SHRM12 #DiceTip (Photo credit:

is the way they go about it.

Many put out their ads and fill them with a laundry list of skills they say are vital to perform the job. The reality is that many of these skills aren’t essential. Or they can easily be taught to the right employee once they come on board. Rather than help you get the most qualified employees it can also intimidate people from applying if they feel they don’t meet every single one of them.

The next thing business does wrong is fill their ads with clichés. We “want a team player” or a “go getter”. But what does this really mean. Most times the business or hr team doesn’t know so how do you expect a candidate to use these types of descriptions to see if they want to work for you.

Candidates want to know what their day to day life will be like at work or who they will be working with every day. Job descriptions should give employees a sense of who you are and what you expect from them. Which is easier said than done.

Creating targeted job descriptions that focus on who you are and what you want in candidates should be short and to the point. One of the challenges to revising job descriptions can be legal reasons.

One way companies are trying to get over this hurdle is by using which is a career website that  requires companies who want to post on their job board to create a two-sentence summary for each position. Along with that they submit a longer more detailed description.

The idea is to show businesses they can do more with less and that it might be better to reach out past their comfort zone and add more creative descriptions.

Do you agree; have you seen job descriptions that were so long they turned you off of applying?

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